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Current & Upcoming exhibitions

Textiel Expositie
October - November 2023
Provinciehuis Zuid-Holland
Zuid Hollandplein 1 Den Haag

Solo Expositie SBK Amsterdam

Sprouts groeps expositie

Awards and Nominations

- SBK Otto Hetterscheid prijs 2023

- Pulchri Rotary Prijs 2023

Stichting tot Steun award for upcoming artistic talent 

- SBK Sprouts award nominee


Isa Roelink (1997) graduated from the painting department of The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. 
In her work, she combines dream and science, myth and reality, history and current affairs, ancient stories and modern pop culture, collective memory and forgotten lessons. 

Isa pulls her own world and the fictional one together. Retelling ancient stories through modern devices. Showcasing that their relevance is undying and an endless source of inspiration.

Former projects and exhibitions

October 2023 - SBK Young Talents 2023
LOODS6 Amsterdam

October 2023 - Art The Hague kunstbeurs (Pulchri Stand)  
Fokker Terminal Den Haag

July 2023 - Graduation show - Royal Academy of Art The Hague

December 2022 – Three birds no stone
Laakhaven - Den Haag

 September – november 2022  - Silhouetten
Centraal Museum - Utrecht

September 2022 – Pakhuis Wilhelmina Biennale
Pakhuis Wilhelmina - Amsterdam
Mei 2022 – To give a dog a name
Billytown and the Helena - Den haag
Juli 2021 – WITH/OUT
Gallery West – Den Haag
September 2019 –  Wilhelmina Open
Pakhuis Wilhelmina - Amsterdam

Maart 2017 – EXPOLOODS art exhibition 
Pop up Gallery – Amsterdam Oost