Prizes and nominations

- Winner Jacob Hartog award 2024

- Winner SBK Otto Hetterscheid prijs 2023

- Winner Pulchri Rotary Prijs 2023

Winner Stichting tot Steun award for upcoming artistic talent 2023

- Nominee M√ľnchen masters of the future 2024


Isa Roelink (1997) graduated from the painting department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. In her work, she blends dreams and science, myth and reality, history and current events, ancient tales, and modern pop culture.

As an artist, she embraces the subtle power of textiles as a medium steeped in profound traditions and expressions, highlighting the value of craftsmanship in a modern context. Her work challenges the traditional meaning of textile art within the context of a painting. The textile pieces serve as a playground where the boundaries of extremes converge.

Isa pulls her own world and the fictional one together. Retelling ancient stories through modern devices. Showcasing that their relevance is undying and an endless source of inspiration.


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